Project Alleycat is a community project to promote interest in and revitalise Tewkesbury’s historic alleys.

Alley Audits

The audits aim to record the history and current condition of the alleys.

When we have collected all the information from the public, including Video Memories, and Photo Walks we will host an exhibition to celebrate alley life.

We will shortly host a couple of Audit Walks aimed at recording the physical conditions of the Alleys. Audit results have already led to the e County Council agreeing to repair Clarkes Alley using traditional paving.

Alley Art

We want to improve the alleys by creating and installing/performing works of art. Some of these would be professionally made, but the majority would be made by residents, encouraged and taught in workshops.

We want to use cats as a theme for art, but other subjects are welcome. Although we assume that most art will be painting or sculpture, there is no reason why it shouldn’t include photography or music, prose or poetry.

Again, this requires funding. We are seeking grants and hope to make a start in 2017.


We want to improve the environment of the alleys – paving, buildings, lighting, cleaning – to make them more desirable places to live and visit. Local councils are responsible for much of this work, the rest belongs to private owners. Alleycat can assist making authorities aware of the state of the alleys as a result of the alley audits.

We also hope to encourage councils and private owners to restore alleys to high standards using traditional material such as blue brick and lime wash. If we can find funding we want to sponsor courses in restoration for local builders, adding to the skill set in the town.

In addition to improving the physical environment, we hope that by working together, sharing a common interest, we can further strengthen the sense of community that flourishes in this fascinating little town.