Art in the Alleys

Project Alleycat was set up last year to promote interest and pride in Tewkesbury's alleys and to improve the physical state of (some) of the alleys. Part of our plan is to create and display arts and crafts in the alleys. We have made a start with the sign in Hughes Alley. We have others in the pipeline.

But what we want now is put together a programme of workshops and sponsor art work by local (-ish) amateur and professional artists, and identify suitable locations to site paintings, sculptures and other forms of art, either flat or 3D. They may be temporary or permanent. All displayed work, particularly permanent work, must be of high quality.

When we have a package of work and locations, we will apply for funding to various bodies including the Arts Council, Glos County and the Summerfield Trust.

We want to hear from:

As this is an experiment, and we don't want to frighten anyone, art works should be relatively small (say less than 1m2). We would also like to reflect the alleycat/cat theme, but this is not essential.

We are anxious to include younger people, so would also welcome any proposals for 'street art' or suitable locations where we could mount boards etc. for street artists.

If there is a successful response, and funding is available, we would expect to be ready for spring next year.

If you would like to participate, or just express an interest, please email us at