Alleycat's art workshop for kids who don't do art...and for those who do

3 workshops over 3 days

1. Urban - looking at the work of Banksy and other street artists. Practice on the big boards 
2. Fantasy - Theatrical makeup from the stage to trauma makeup (wounds etc) used in training medics -and zombies. 
3 . Through the Big  Window - Paint what YOU see through the window in large scale.

Ages 12 - 16, £5 per day, Tewkesbury Town Hall 22,23 & 24 August
Parental consent required. 
More Details see poster below

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Cheshire Cat Unveiled

29 Jul 2017

One , Two, ThreeGo

Cheshire Cat Unveiled

The Cheshire Cat has been successfully assembled and mounted in its new home in Warders Alley. To record the effort that went into making and displaying the Cat, we had a small glass plaque made. This was officially unveiled by Borough Mayor Harry Turbeyfield and Deputy Town Mayor Christine Danter. 


AlleySweep - Clean & Weed the Alleys

13 Apr 2017

23 April 2017 

Project Alleycat invite you to join us in cleaning and weeding the alleys. 



BRING Brush, hoe and gloves


Cheshire Cats

10 Dec 2016

Alleycats have partnered with Leonard Cheshire Disability to work with local schools and youth groups to create and install an artwork in Warders Alley, with the kind permission of owners M&Co. Warders was rebuilt in the 1970s and is a very bleak concrete tunnel, so definitely in need of livening up.

We have also been in touch with the County Council to see if we they can improve the drainage (there is a near permanent puddle) and install street lighting - there is none at all!

Tewkesbury Direct Magazine

9 Dec 2016

Tewkesbury Direct magazine will be carrying a monthly article on alleys. December's explains the difference between courts and alleys, January's will tell the story of Bank Alley.