Christmas Markets


Alleycat will have stalls at:

Tewkesbury Christmas Lights Market, Sunday 24th November

Abbey Fayre, saturday 30th November

Selling, maps, teatowels and maybe more!


Czar, the latest Alleycat artwork

08 Oct 2019

Czar, the Sculptor's cat is the latest, and arguably the best, Alleycat art work. 

Completed in May 2019, it is a  bronze sculpture of a cat sitting on the river wall on Back of Avon. 

Czar was created by Gloucestershire artist Diane Gorvin. 

Funding for the work came in part from a grant from Gloucestershire County Council, but mainly from funds raised from the sale of maps and teatowels and proceeds of guided walks. 




Tea Towel Alley Maps

08 Oct 2019

The ideal present for alley fans everywhere - and for former residents, visitors and admirers of Tewkesbury.

Elaine Guildings "Alleys & Courts" map is now available as a tea towel. 

100% cotton, full colour digital print available only from Alleycat and our supportive sellers - Bookworm, Card & Gifts and M & Co, all on High St, and Tourist Information on Church St.  £7 each.

Buy an Alley Map

17 Oct 2018

One of the most popular Alleycat creations mist be the map. Strictly, "The Alleys and Courts of Tewkesbury" is a meticulously hand drawn map by local artist Elaine Guilding. It was commissioned by Alleycat as no definitive map of the alleys was available. It has been produced in various sizes from a giant on the High St, which occupies a side window of M& Co. to framed and unframed copies for home and office use. These can be purchased from local outlets:

Bookworm, 150 High StAlleymap - sample
Tewkesbury Cards and Gifts, High St
Tewkesbury Museum, Barton St (unframed A4 only)
Tourist Information, 100 Church St

Prices start from only £3


Tolsey Lane

25 Sep 2018

In early 2018 we installed a mural, "Through the Windows" in place of the decaying boards in the window frames of Cross House, in Tolsey Lane. This proved an instant hit with local people and considerably brightened up the lane. 
New tenants have moved into Cross House recently and are converting the former shop into a micro-pub. They wish to restore the windows , so the mural has been taken down and placed in store. 
We are looking for a new place to hang "Through the Windows", in or near the alleys. If you have an suggestions then please get in touch. 

Bank Alley - Project Cancelled

26 Sep 2018

All that remains on the once notorious Bank Alley is a short stub running through the "Out of the Hat" building on Church St, which houses the Tourist Information Centre.

Alleycat has proposed using the otherwise empty alley as a "Alley interpretation centre", which would tell the story of the alleys using interactive touch screen wall displays. We had applied for - and had been validated for - an EU grant as a tourist/heritage attraction. Unfortunately, the scheme has had to be abandoned as the owners of the alley - Tewkesbury Borough Council, which supported the scheme in principle, did not want to commit to a five year lease of the alley. 

Project Alleycat are very disappointed that this scheme cannot proceed, it would be an exciting development for Tewkesbury. We are actively looking for an alternative venue, but would also need to find an alternative source of funding as EU grants will cease with Brexit. 


Cheshire Cat Unveiled

29 Jul 2017

One , Two, ThreeGo

Cheshire Cat Unveiled

The Cheshire Cat has been successfully assembled and mounted in its new home in Warders Alley. To record the effort that went into making and displaying the Cat, we had a small glass plaque made. This was officially unveiled by Borough Mayor Harry Turbeyfield and Deputy Town Mayor Christine Danter. 


AlleySweep - Clean & Weed the Alleys

13 Apr 2017

23 April 2017 

Project Alleycat invite you to join us in cleaning and weeding the alleys. 



BRING Brush, hoe and gloves


Cheshire Cats

10 Dec 2016

Alleycats have partnered with Leonard Cheshire Disability to work with local schools and youth groups to create and install an artwork in Warders Alley, with the kind permission of owners M&Co. Warders was rebuilt in the 1970s and is a very bleak concrete tunnel, so definitely in need of livening up.

We have also been in touch with the County Council to see if we they can improve the drainage (there is a near permanent puddle) and install street lighting - there is none at all!

Tewkesbury Direct Magazine

9 Dec 2016

Tewkesbury Direct magazine will be carrying a monthly article on alleys. December's explains the difference between courts and alleys, January's will tell the story of Bank Alley.